Starting strong: your introduction to Target’s dynamic workforce!

Target, a retail juggernaut, is more than a destination for everyday essentials; it’s a canvas of possibilities, where shopping transforms into an experience. Since its inception in 1962, Target has redefined the retail landscape, pioneering a blend of affordability, style, and community engagement. The iconic red bullseye symbolizes not just a place to shop, but a commitment to hitting the mark in meeting the diverse and evolving needs of its guests. As you step into Target, you enter a world meticulously curated to inspire and connect.


Beyond the products on the shelves, Target is a celebration of innovation and design, offering guests an immersive journey through the latest trends and timeless classics. From the fashion-forward apparel to the latest tech gadgets, every aisle tells a story of accessible luxury. Target is not just a retailer; it’s a cultural hub, a place where families, trendsetters, and individuals find products that resonate with their lifestyles. The inviting atmosphere, combined with a dedication to inclusivity, transforms each visit into an exploration of possibilities, mirroring the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the career opportunities that await within its workforce.

Join us in discovering the unparalleled excitement that is Target – where your career is not just a job; it’s a journey of endless prospects.


Here are some of the opportunities available for you right now:


  • Cashiers at Target are the friendly faces that greet guests and ensure smooth transactions at the checkout.
  • Responsibilities include processing purchases, handling cash and card transactions, and providing excellent customer service.
  • Target offers comprehensive training for individuals with strong interpersonal skills, making this role an exceptional entry point for those beginning their career journey.

Cart Attendant:

  • Cart Attendants play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the store’s entry area.
  • Responsibilities include gathering and organizing shopping carts, ensuring the cleanliness of the entryway, and assisting guests with any inquiries.
  • This entry-level position is perfect for individuals who enjoy a dynamic work environment and take pride in contributing to the overall guest experience.

Stocking Associate:

  • Stocking Associates contribute to the efficiency of the store by ensuring products are well-stocked and easily accessible.
  • Responsibilities include unloading merchandise, organizing inventory, and restocking shelves.
  • Target provides training for individuals with a keen eye for organization and a passion for maintaining a well-stocked and visually appealing store.

Sales Floor Team Member:

  • Sales Floor Team Members are the frontline ambassadors, ensuring a visually appealing and organized shopping environment.
  • Responsibilities include restocking shelves, assisting customers, and maintaining the overall presentation of the sales floor.
  • Target provides comprehensive training for individuals looking to start their retail career in this entry-level position.

Guest Service Representative:

  • Guest Service Representatives play a crucial role in enhancing the customer experience by addressing inquiries, processing returns, and providing support.
  • This customer-facing role requires strong communication skills and a dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Target offers training for individuals with a passion for delivering exceptional customer service.

Visual Merchandiser:

  • Visual Merchandisers contribute to the aesthetic appeal of Target stores by creating visually stunning displays.
  • Responsibilities include arranging products, implementing promotional displays, and ensuring a cohesive visual theme.
  • While experience in visual merchandising is beneficial, Target provides training for those with a keen eye for design.

How to apply?

Entry-level positions at Target are not just jobs; they are gateways to a fulfilling and dynamic career. These roles provide a foundation for individuals to develop essential skills in customer service, teamwork, and organizational efficiency. Target is committed to fostering the growth of its team members, and many leaders within the company began their journeys in entry-level positions. Whether you’re stepping into the workforce for the first time or seeking a fresh start in your career, Target’s entry-level opportunities provide a supportive and inclusive environment to launch your professional journey.

Apply today and discover the excitement of building a career at Target, where every role is a valuable contributor to the overall success and vibrancy of the team. Target’s red bullseye logo has become synonymous with a commitment to delivering an exceptional shopping experience. With over 1,900 stores across the United States, Target has woven itself into the fabric of communities, offering not just products but a curated selection that reflects the ever-changing needs and preferences of its diverse customer base.  If you want to be a part of this team, explore Target’s job opportunities on Target Careers or contact the Target HR department.

Source: Target Careers, Indeed