Seeking employment? Target is hiring over 400 positions!


How’s your day been so far? Has it been good or bad? We hope that after reading this article we’ve put together with care, your day gets better! It’s important for you to know that several job openings are being announced in various regions of the country, covering different municipalities. Have you been searching for a better job opportunity for some time now or even aiming to enter the job market to get your employment contract? We know this is a desire for many people, but unfortunately, many distribute their resumes and don’t get any response. Is this your case?

With a consolidated corporate culture and a focus on the personal and professional growth of employees, Target stands out not only for its comprehensive vacancies but also for its attractive benefits and development opportunities within the company. Many companies are hiring, but Target has its distinctive features that set it apart amidst so many options nowadays. You can’t afford to miss any information about the opportunities offered by the company, as it will be very useful, either for you or for someone you know!


Target Announces New Vacancies!

Target, a renowned company in the food retail segment, is offering new opportunities nationwide. If you’re looking for a professional position, check out the complete list of available vacancies and find out which positions are currently open. Follow closely the responsibilities of each position to find the one that best aligns with your skills and professional aspirations. This is an unmissable chance to be part of a dedicated team and contribute to the success of a company recognized for its excellence. Check out:


  • Attend to customers and prepare daily service reports as per monitoring of store security-related movements and occurrences.
  • Manage keys and storage lockers, as well as assist in telephone activities.
  • Operate HT Radio and its systems, providing operational support to Inspectors and Area Leadership.
  • Understand the risks of their activities and control measures, aiming to eliminate sources of risks (dangers) at work and unsafe behaviors.
  • Combat waste through reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials and products.
  • Comply with the company’s norms and procedures, respecting ethics and organizational values.
  • Execute other activities compatible with the requirements for the position.

Shelf Stocker:

  • Restock merchandise/shelves and gondolas.
  • Remove defective or expired items from the sales area.
  • Maintain the standard display of goods in the operating sectors while observing the assortment.
  • Pack and label products.
  • Organize and store products in stock.
  • Monitor and count products in internal and external department areas during inventory days.

Sales Supervisor:

  • Responsible for managing regions under direct responsibility, delivering projected results aligned with the company.
  • Work focused on KPIs: activation, mix, margin, return control, delinquency control, seasonal and focused sales.
  • Responsible for billing (aiming at strengthening the overall business).
  • Replicate the company’s strategy in field execution: ensure the planned strategy execution in the regions, being agile and efficient in communicating and developing representation companies with performance below market/region potential.
  • Monitor, measure, evaluate, correct, develop, and recognize.
  • Hire commercial representatives according to the region’s potential.
  • Train and integrate newly hired representatives.
  • Monitor and develop hired commercial representatives.
  • Organize and schedule sales meetings for their respective teams.


  • Arrange drawer and workspace.
  • Operate the ‘POS’ and Terminal cashier systems for sales registration.
  • Perform cash management procedures.
  • Receive, check cash, checks, and cards.
  • Fill error reports.
  • Attend to customers.
  • Guide baggers.
  • Assist in balancing.
  • Execute related functions for the department and unit’s performance.

Kitchen Assistant:

  • Prepare and assemble salads and vegetables.
  • Select grains.
  • Assist in dessert assembly.
  • Replenish condiment dispensers.
  • Prepare juice, coffee, hot chocolate.
  • Collect and wash utensils.
  • Replenish counters with utensils, food, and beverages.
  • Clean machines and workspace.
  • Collect garbage.
  • Transport vegetables and legumes.
  • Perform related functions for the department and unit’s performance.

Target Requirements:

Target typically establishes specific requirements for its candidates. To be part of this team, it’s essential to be at least 18 years old and have completed high school. While not mandatory, prior experience in the relevant field is a valued advantage by the company. Additionally, for some positions, having a relevant education or being enrolled in the field of interest is a requirement that may vary depending on the position. Knowledge of office software is also frequently requested, given its importance in the modern corporate environment.

The criteria set by Target reinforce the search for qualified and committed professionals. Valuing experience in the field and attention to academic background are essential aspects to meet the demands of the vacancies offered. Office software knowledge is often highlighted due to its relevance in the workplace, demonstrating the company’s concern in keeping teams prepared for the challenges of the current market. These requirements reflect the continuous search for a qualified and capable team to contribute to Target’s growth and excellence.

Submit your resume to Target:

To apply for the opportunities offered by Target, the first step is usually to access the company’s official website. There, candidates will find a specific section dedicated to available vacancies, where they can explore details about positions, requirements, and responsibilities. After selecting the desired vacancy, the next step is to register on the company’s online system, providing relevant personal and professional information. Pay attention to the accuracy of the provided data, as it will be used for contact and evaluation during the selection process.

The selection process at Target can vary depending on the specific job and the demand for each position. Typically, it involves stages such as resume screening, individual or group interviews, dynamics, practical tests, and technical assessments, depending on the role’s nature. The company aims to identify not only the candidates’ experience and technical skills but also their behavioral traits aligned with the organizational culture. Throughout this process, candidates are evaluated for their suitability to the job profile and the contribution they can offer to the team and the company’s growth.

Source: Indeed