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Giving back to the community is a part of Publix’s mission. They partner with several organizations, including the United Way, Special Olympics, Feeding America, and Children’s Miracle Network. Publix contributes over $36 million a year to the United Way with the help of their associates’ donations. Their associates not only donate their hard-earned money but also volunteer their time by participating in service projects with community partners. They strongly believe that taking care of the planet is essential to their success and the well-being of their customers and associates. Learn more about this chain and its new opportunities!


Publix’s founder, George Jenkins, believed in giving his employees ownership of the company and started giving them shares of stock at no cost. This legacy has continued, and today, Publix is the largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the country. The more an employee grows with the company, the more stock they receive. Publix also offers benefits to its associates, including healthcare, education, retirement savings, discounts on products and services, and more. Being privately owned, Publix is built for job security. They hold no long-term debt, continually open new stores, and see profits increase year after year.

Publix provides its associates with a stable income they can count on. Publix believes in promoting from within the organization and values the fresh ideas and unique perspectives that different people bring to the table. They celebrate diversity and strive to provide an inclusive environment for all their associates and customers. The company is also committed to sustainable practices and being responsible citizens in their communities. At the core of Publix’s business lies the founder’s philosophy: “They’re not only in the grocery business, they’re in the people business.” Everything that makes working for Publix exceptional revolves around the belief that caring about people is the key to success. Here are some of the positions available:


Line Worker

As a Line Worker, your role involves essential tasks in setting up the production line and ensuring the seamless flow of operations. You will be actively engaged in moving ingredients and skillfully assembling sandwiches, salads, and sub-kits. Additionally, your responsibilities extend to preparing baked goods and efficiently loading and unloading racks, ovens, and other equipment. Your attention to detail is crucial as you place containers on the conveyor belt at line speed, contributing to the overall efficiency of the production process. Versatility is key in this role, as you rotate through various positions, and you’ll also provide valuable assistance with other duties as assigned.

Slicing Room Worker

In the role of a Slicing Room Worker, precision and efficiency are paramount in ensuring the quality and accuracy of sliced meat products. Your responsibilities include meticulously weighing portions of sliced meats to meet package weight requirements. Working with speed and accuracy, you will correctly apply sliced meat to preformed packages, achieving a pace of up to 15 CPM (cuts per minute). A keen eye for quality is essential as you inspect and accumulate packages, contributing to the production of finished products meeting the highest standards. Your duties extend to packing sliced meat into boxes for scaling, adding a layer of organization to the packaging process.

Warehouse Selector

Warehouse Selectors at Publix are constantly engaged in physical activities like walking, lifting, bending, and stretching. Whether you’re into sports, cardio, strength training, weightlifting, running, or bodybuilding, this position offers a dynamic way to stay in shape. The primary duties involve pulling products ordered by Publix stores, arranging them on pallets, wrapping the completed order, and preparing it for delivery on trucks. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Selectors receive real-time notifications about the ordered products’ locations within the warehouse, enhancing their efficiency.


Cafeteria Cook

As a Cafeteria Cook at Publix, your role involves the preparation, cooking, and serving of meals for Publix associates. Whether it’s crafting delicious dishes or ensuring that the cafeteria operates smoothly, your culinary skills contribute to creating a positive dining experience for Publix associates. It’s not just about providing nourishment, but also fostering a sense of community and well-being within the Publix family. While the primary responsibilities include meal preparation and service, it’s important to note that the duties listed in this posting are not exhaustive. Additional tasks may be assigned as needed, reflecting the adaptability and versatility required in the dynamic environment of a cafeteria. 

Team Leader

As a Team Leader, your role encompasses various responsibilities to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the work area within the team. Your daily tasks involve active participation on the floor alongside associates, covering unplanned absences, and managing vacation schedules. It’s crucial to understand and maintain department reports and procedures, coordinate breaks and lunch schedules, and oversee equipment maintenance, PMs, and work orders. In addition to handling day-to-day operations, a Team Leader plays a pivotal role in promoting and enforcing quality and food safety standards, maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and being a role model for associates. The position involves planning and conducting job skill training for all team members, driving improvement in plant operations, and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) and data.


Sanitation Operator

The role of a Sanitation Operator involves a range of responsibilities critical to maintaining a clean and safe production environment. This includes the meticulous process of assembling and disassembling equipment, as well as the safe dispensing and utilization of chemicals. The primary focus is on cleaning all production equipment to meet and exceed standard operating procedures, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness. To prevent damage during the cleaning process, special attention is given to electrical wiring and control panels. The Sanitation Operator is adept at applying various chemicals on different equipment and environmental locations to achieve optimal sanitation. Additionally, the operation and maintenance of floor scrubbers fall within the purview of this role.

Individuals with a servant’s heart seeking a fulfilling career with growth opportunities are encouraged to consider a career with Publix. Prospective team members can apply online to join the team at their local store or explore current openings in corporate offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities at the Publix Jobs Center. To stay informed about new opportunities or connect with Publix’s recruiters, you can follow the Publix Careers pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Don’t wait anymore, be a part of the Publix team starting today!

Source: Publix, Indeed.