Living in the USA and unemployed? Costco is hiring!

Achieving your first job can be a strenuous journey, especially for those who are just starting out. However, there is an often overlooked alternative: opportunities in supermarkets. Discover why this choice can be the key to the beginning of a solid career and a promising future. Supermarkets offer a diverse range of positions that cater to various skills and interests, making them an accessible entry point for individuals of all backgrounds. Whether you’re interested in customer service, logistics, sales, or management, there’s likely a role that aligns with your career aspirations.


Additionally, many supermarkets prioritize internal promotion, allowing employees to climb the career ladder and take on more responsibilities over time. This not only provides job security but also the chance to continuously develop your skills and knowledge. Moreover, the retail industry is a fundamental part of the economy, making supermarket jobs stable and reliable sources of income. So, don’t underestimate the potential of supermarket employment; it could be your gateway to a fulfilling and prosperous career.

Get to know the company

The company’s inaugural site, which first opened its doors in 1976 under the name Price Club, was located in a repurposed airplane hangar on Morena Boulevard in San Diego. Initially serving only small businesses, the company soon realized the potential for greater purchasing power by expanding its services to a select group of non-business members. This strategic shift set the warehouse club industry on an impressive growth trajectory. In 1983, the first-ever Costco warehouse store welcomed customers in Seattle. Within just six years, starting from scratch, Costco achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first company to reach $3 billion in sales. The merger of Costco and Price Club in 1993 resulted in a combined entity operating under the name PriceCostco, boasting 206 locations and annual sales totaling $16 billion.


Our operational philosophy has remained straightforward: maintain cost efficiency and pass the resulting savings on to our members. Our extensive membership base, significant purchasing influence, and an unwavering commitment to operational efficiency all contribute to providing our members with the most competitive prices possible. Since re-adopting the Costco name in 1997, the company has experienced global expansion, with recent fiscal year sales exceeding $64 billion. For more comprehensive information about Costco, you can download the Costco Story in PDF format.

Costco has had a profound impact on the retail landscape, thanks to the visionary concept introduced by entrepreneur Sol Price in San Diego, California. Price Club marked the world’s first membership warehouse club, where efficient procurement and operational methods offered members unmatched savings.

Initially, Price Club exclusively served business members, granting them access to a wide range of supplies and wholesale products. Jim Sinegal, the Executive Vice President of Merchandising, Distribution, and Marketing, played a pivotal role in refining merchandise and marketing strategies, contributing to the transformation of Price Club into a success story that reshaped the global retailing landscape.


Seven years later, Jim Sinegal utilized his expertise to co-found Costco Wholesale alongside Jeff Brotman, leading to the opening of the first warehouse in Seattle, Washington, in 1983.

Throughout the following decade, both Price Club and Costco Wholesale continued to innovate and expand. In 1993, these two retail giants merged, forming a dynamic leadership team that swiftly propelled Costco to the status of the world’s most successful warehouse club.


As the company evolves today, it remains unwavering in its commitment to the qualities that have earned the loyalty of millions of members worldwide:

Commitment to Quality: Costco warehouses offer approximately 4,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs), a fraction compared to the 30,000 typically found in most supermarkets. By carefully selecting products based on criteria such as quality, price, brand, and features, the company consistently delivers the best value to its members.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Over the decades, the drive for excellence and innovation has continued to define the Costco team, from its management cadre to the dedicated individuals on the warehouse floor. Everyone is united in the common goal of exceeding member expectations.

Employee Focus: Costco frequently garners recognition for its strong commitment to its employees, setting it apart from other Fortune 500 companies. By offering equitable wages and outstanding benefits, the company has fostered a workplace culture that attracts positive, high-energy, and highly talented individuals.

Costco is hiring!

Below, we have listed some positions and their daily activities at Costco. We won’t specify the locations because Costco continuously opens new job opportunities across the country. However, be aware of the typical opportunities that arise and their responsibilities:

Card Operator

Engage in activities related to customer prospecting and card offerings, encouraging card activation and usage in stores. Manage daily sales, customer service, credit analysis, and proposal input into the system for formalization. Promote and monitor activation, ensure sector organization, address inquiries, and perform other tasks.

Front Cashier Assistant

Responsible for opening and closing the cash register, overseeing sales recording, receipt, and cash and other forms of payment verification. Conduct checks and collect change according to established procedures for returns, refunds, exchange of goods, and cancellation and reissuance of receipts and invoices.

IT Assistant

Responsible for monitoring the store’s server and IT processes to ensure smooth operations, preparing the work environment, and ensuring program functionality during store opening, throughout the day, and at store closing.

Forklift Operator

Operate a forklift to transport pallets within the store and warehouse, interpreting packaging symbols and storage based on expiration date and merchandise type.

Sliced Products Leader

Lead, guide, and supervise teams and sliced product operations, maintaining store operations in line with established norms, offering greater comfort and quality to customers, and providing operational guidance to employees.

Human Resources Analyst

Responsible for planning and managing the Human Resources department of the business unit, including employee roster control, management of labor routines, training implementation, among other tasks, aiming to recruit, develop, and retain talent.

Store Restocker

Responsible for replenishing merchandise in the sales area, monitoring product flow, and requesting necessary items from leadership to maintain merchandise availability on display. Replenish the sales area with goods returned or abandoned by customers.

Cashier Operator

Engage in merchandise registration at the Point of Sale (POS), payment receipt, cash register opening and closing. Restocking the sales floor, cleaning, organizing the workplace, and providing quality customer service.


Pack, wrap, bag, and box goods. Support the work of other employees by delivering and returning products to the store, checking weights, prices, and codes. Customer service.

Senior Backup Analyst

Responsible for the administration and advanced support of Veritas Netbackup, Veeam, and Networker environments. Execution of backup and restore routines, data storage management, and definition of media types, data retention, and storage capacity control. Participate in defining expansion solutions. Advanced administration and support of Windows servers. Advanced administration and support of Storage technologies. Documentation creation and maintenance. Report generation (Health Check).

There are numerous open positions! Don’t waste time applying, as new job interviews are conducted every week. Stay vigilant not to miss the chance to change your life!

Assisting customers in finding what they need and providing excellent service can be rewarding and build your professional confidence. Supermarkets are bustling and dynamic places, making the work lively and never monotonous. Don’t wait any longer to take the first step in your professional journey. Applying for a position at Costco can be the gateway you need to build a solid and promising career!

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