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Costco shines as a symbol of excellence, value, and promising avenues for professional advancement. Anchored in a rich heritage of delivering exceptional products and services, Costco is thrilled to unveil a variety of appealing job openings for individuals keen on bringing their skills and passion to an extraordinary team. With a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional service and value, Costco is extending its presence across the United States. This growth, fueled by an unwavering dedication to excellence, opens up fresh opportunities for individuals to become part of the Costco family.


Costco has extended its footprint, and as the company grows, it also extends a warm invitation to skilled individuals from various backgrounds and regions to embark on this thrilling journey. Whether aspiring to support Business Centers, navigate the highways as a Truck Driver, or deliver excellent service at the front end as a Cashier or Cashier Assistant, Costco’s expansion unfolds a myriad of career possibilities. The chain of stores, situated anywhere from vibrant cityscapes or nestled within suburban landscapes, Costco’s expansive reach across America ensures that exciting career prospects are now more accessible than ever.

From one coast to another, Costco has become synonymous with top-notch products, unparalleled value, and an unwavering commitment to its members. The company’s ongoing expansion goes beyond constructing warehouses; it involves building communities, fostering job opportunities, and contributing to the economic tapestry of towns and cities nationwide. Seize the chance to join a company that is not merely growing its physical footprint but is also broadening the horizons of career possibilities. Submit your application today and become an integral part of Costco’s journey, where your contributions will not only influence the future but will also make a lasting impact on communities across America. Welcome to Costco, where exciting career adventures await!


Food Service Assistant — Food Court

Engaged in the preparation and sale of food and beverages to customers, this role involves a range of responsibilities aimed at ensuring a seamless dining experience. Tasks include preparing hot food items such as pizzas and employing various techniques like rolling, shaping, and baking. Additionally, the role extends to handling cash transactions, receiving and fulfilling pizza orders both in-person and over the phone, and delivering orders to customers with precision. Beyond food preparation, the position covers the dispensing of dessert and drink items, including frozen yogurt, lattes, and smoothies, while maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards for dispensing machines.

The scope of duties also encompasses the upkeep of self-serve areas, condiment tables, and the general eating space. This involves bussing, cleaning, and sanitizing tables, as well as sweeping and mopping floors. Waste management is integral, including emptying trash and operating a trash compactor. The commitment to cleanliness extends to machines, work surfaces, floors, pans, utensils, and counters. The role also involves inventory management, requiring the pulling of ingredients and supplies from the warehouse. Stocking shelves, coolers, and freezers with large volumes of ingredients, staging items in preparation areas, and refilling dispensing machines are routine tasks. Compliance with health codes, covering sanitation, temperature control, product rotation, and adherence to expiration dates, is crucial in maintaining high standards of food safety.

Order Picker — Depot

Responsible for fulfilling high-volume orders from Costco E-Commerce, this role involves efficiently pulling merchandise from stock and preparing them for delivery. Daily tasks and responsibilities are executed with precision and adhere to proper department procedures. Using a manual pallet jack, the associate lifts pallets from low stacks, moves them, and ensures compliance with safety and security protocols. Upon obtaining a pick ticket, the associate uses a wearable hand scanner to identify and locate items for an order. Operating the manual pallet jack, they transport pallets through the warehouse, selecting items from floor stock.


Thorough checks are conducted to ensure accuracy in the item, quantity, and overall condition. For large-quantity item orders, the associate coordinates with forklift drivers to drop full pallets from steel shelves. The use of technology is integral, with the associate entering the quantity or weight of each item into the wearable hand scanner. They note approved substitutions and out-of-stock items, checking the computer for any items not found. Completed orders are transferred to the audit area, and the manual pallet jack is employed to load approved orders onto delivery trucks.

Maintenance Assistant

As a custodial and maintenance associate, the primary responsibility is to ensure the cleanliness and upkeep of the warehouse and its surroundings. Daily tasks and responsibilities involve operating self-propelled floor scrubbing machinery to clean warehouse floors, offices, break rooms, and restrooms. This includes sweeping, mopping, spraying, and wiping surfaces, following departmental procedures and cleanliness standards. The associate restocks supplies efficiently, collects cardboard, and empties trash throughout the warehouse. The operation of the garbage compactor and cardboard baler is part of routine tasks.


The associate checks the daily schedule for assigned duties and actively contributes to the general upkeep of the grounds and building. This includes performing perimeter checks and promptly addressing maintenance or facility issues by informing management. A quick response to cleaning up spills is essential, ensuring a safe and hazard-free environment. The associate diligently clears work areas of debris or trip hazards and follows all safety and security procedures. Providing prompt and courteous member service is integrated into every aspect of the role. This commitment to cleanliness, safety, and member service is vital for maintaining a welcoming and well-maintained warehouse environment.

In a competitive hiring environment where each warehouse receives numerous applications, standing out becomes crucial. After candidates apply online, taking the initiative to introduce themselves to the hiring manager at their preferred location can be a strategic move. This personalized approach not only distinguishes them from other applicants but also showcases genuine interest in the position. Candidates are encouraged to apply regularly, as warehouses hire throughout the year, not limited to seasonal periods. This proactive step ensures sustained visibility in the applicant pool, increasing the likelihood of being noticed and considered for potential job openings. Persistence and proactive engagement can significantly impact the hiring process in their favor.

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