Career Opportunities at Costco USA: submit your resume here

We know that thousands of people are currently submitting resumes, but many have not yet secured the coveted job. Thinking precisely of this group of people, Costco has decided to launch new job opportunities nationwide. So, get your resume ready because today you will send it to the right place! Who knows, you might land a job with an excellent salary close to where you live—how wonderful would that be?


Most of the positions are for permanent hiring, covering departments such as logistics, finance, marketing, commercial, digital, maintenance, HR, various operations, and more. There are also accessible roles for people with disabilities (PWDs). Stay with us and don’t miss any details about the offered positions, their benefits, the activities involved, and how the application process works. We can guarantee you won’t regret staying with us until the end.

Explore the job opportunities offered by Costco:

Now is the big moment for you to see which opportunities are within your reach, some very close to you, others that perfectly fit your profile! See below:


Bakery Leader:

  • Coordinate the Bakery department team;
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with the company’s established standards for handling;
  • Ensure replenishment, cleanliness, and good customer service;
  • Work in accordance with technical standards for quality, safety, hygiene, and health;
  • Monitor department indicators;
  • Perform related functions aiming for the good performance of the department and the unit.

Front-end Cashier Assistant:

  • Responsible for opening and closing the cash register, overseeing sales registration, receipt, and verification of cash and other forms of payment;
  • Perform the verification and collection of float following the established procedures for returns, refunds, and exchange of goods, cancellation, and reissuance of coupons and invoices.

Warehouse Assistant PWD:

  • Responsible for separating goods in the warehouse aisles, arranging the working area, controlling expiration dates, using a pallet jack.

Electrical Maintenance Technician:

  • Responsible for performing preventive and corrective maintenance on building installations, electrical, hydraulic, civil, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

Card Operator:

  • Engage in activities related to customer prospecting and card offerings, encouraging card activation and usage in stores;
  • Manage daily sales, customer service, credit analysis, and enter proposals into the system for formalization;
  • Encourage and monitor activation, ensure sector organization, address doubts, among other activities.

Forklift Operator:

  • Check the system and conditions of use and cleanliness of the forklift;
  • Operate the forklift for pallet transport in the store and in the warehouse;
  • Organize and open spaces in stock and in the air;
  • Observe safety standards;
  • Assist customers;
  • Load and unload trucks;
  • Assist in stocktaking.


  • Responsible for the technical and administrative control of the Food Service and Food Safety at the branch, aiming to maintain the cost, quality, and safety of food and the company’s image with internal and external customers.

It’s worth noting that these activities are valid in all stores, and additional functions may be added according to the needs of each unit.

Another detail is that Costco has stores throughout the country. Here, we mentioned only a few municipalities, but if yours was not mentioned, you can visit the company’s official website to check the positions available near your residence.

Requirements to be met:

  • Education: Completed High School;
  • For certain positions, it is necessary to have completed or be pursuing Higher Education;
  • Experience in the chosen area will be an advantage;
  • Must be available to work on a 6×1 schedule in the afternoon (closing), including weekends and holidays;
  • For certain positions, knowledge of the Microsoft Office package is required;
  • It is essential to have easy access to the workplace and availability for immediate start.

How to apply:

Applying for one of the available positions at Costco is a simple yet crucial process for those seeking job opportunities at this renowned company. Candidates are instructed to access the dedicated website for the selection process, where they will find all relevant information about the desired position. Careful reading of this information is essential to understand the requirements and responsibilities associated with the position.

Upon identifying the desired opportunity, the next step is to click on the “Apply” button. This step is vital to start the application process and demonstrate the candidate’s interest in the specific position. Candidates are advised to prepare their resumes, highlighting their skills and relevant experiences, to present a solid and attractive application to Costco recruiters.

It is important to emphasize that the number of available positions can be dynamic, subject to changes at any time, without prior notice. The company may quickly make new hires, directly influencing the availability of positions. Therefore, candidates must be attentive to the communication channels indicated in their profiles, as the company may contact them to continue the selection process.

Agility is crucial in this context, and candidates are encouraged not to waste time when they come across an opportunity aligned with their professional goals. The competition for positions can be fierce, and a quick response can make a difference in standing out.

We wish all candidates good luck in their applications to Costco. May this be the beginning of a successful professional journey filled with achievements. We are confident that by following these guidelines and staying tuned to the company’s announcements, each candidate will increase their chances of securing a desired position at Costco. Move forward with determination and be prepared for the challenges that may arise during the selection process. We are rooting for your success!

By: Indeed